Passionate about Food!

Inspired by a growing global movement tackling food waste, Rike Wolf, the founder of the Food Rescue Initiative returned to Townsville only to realise that bins behind stores were overflowing with good nutritious produce, mainly discarded for cosmetic reasons and very little was done about this gigantic scale of food waste north of Brisbane. In Feb. 2013 the first group of rescue drivers started collecting and redistributing surplus fruit, veggies and bread from stores around Townsville and from there this initiative steadily grew. Food Rescue Initiative Townsville is a grassroots not-for-profit organisation that has very effectively reduced food waste and food poverty simultaniously in Townsville simply redistributing perfectly edible fresh produce from those that waste to those in need.
When realising that Townsville’s bins behind stores and supermarkets are overfilled with perfectly edible produce often simply rejected for cosmetic reasons yet full of nutritional value still.